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Tips for Buying Handbags

By Bold Apps October 05, 2018

Browsing online endlessly for the right bag always turn into a tedious and aimless search if you’re not sure what exactly you are looking for. So, here are  tips on how to choose a handbag for everyday use:


How big does it have to be? Think about this for a second. Think about the stuff that you want to have on you every day and then add a little more space, just in case you need to throw one more thing when the situation demands it.

Furthermore, pay attention if the size of the bag is proportionate to your body type. If you’re short, it needs to be above your hips; if you’re tall, it should end at your waistline. You can opt for some middle-sized bags, but if you know how to match to your body type and height, why not go for the perfect fit.


The bag shape can influence your overall proportions and appearance. If you nail that perfect shape, it will enhance your look. The general tip here is to go for the handbag shape that’s opposite of your body type. So, if you are very tall and thin, opt for a slouchy, rounded bag. This will add some curves to your body. If you already have plenty of curves to go around and if you’re short, tall and rectangular bags are your friends. The rounder your physique is, the more structured and angular your bag should be. This doesn’t mean you should go for the post-modern box like bags.


No need to experiment. If you already have a well-defined style, your bag needs to match that style. Not the other way around. If you love casual, buying a formal handbag won’t go well with your everyday needs. However, you do need to do your research. There are probably various handbag designs that can work. Comb through magazines, watch online fashion videos, search for women that like the same style as you. Pinpoint the bag designs. You might not like the colour, but it’s the style and design that might suit you. Try imagining them in different colours, slightly bigger, slightly smaller.


Black goes with everything. It’s a safe choice. You can use it in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. You can wear black bags to a wedding, dinner party you name it! But what if you’re tired of black and you want to explore other options? You will need to rampage your wardrobe and pinpoint predominant colours. See what other colours go with your palette. If you’re having a problem extrapolating the queen colours, think about handbags in green, metallic, tan and teal. They are as versatile as black ones. Metallic bags are also seasonless. Green is often called a “coloured neutral” because it functions as a neutral shade. The colour of the tanned leather is one of the best purchases you will ever make.

The Right Material

This is pretty straight-forward. The material needs to be durable, to last long because, let’s face it, bags are expensive and you won’t be buying them every month. There are so many options you can explore. Bags are made from leather, suede, faux leather & PVC, canvas, coated canvas & fabric, straw & crochet, and nylon. Of course, not all materials are for all occasions.
We have been trying to source premium quality bags from various sources, hope you will like it. In case you have any specific requirement, do write to us and we will see, how we can bring it to you.

Thanks for reading… 

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